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Here at Homerosion Ltd we offer high quality machine services for your company. Specializing in the Installation, Service & Repair of Electrical Discharge Machine Tools. We can Diagnose and repair pbc's to component level.

We are able to complete all Your requirements on Wire Cut, Die Sink and Fast Hole Drilling machine tool projects you need fulfilled,

With over 28 years experience in the machine tool industry, we offer you a professional and high quality service. Call us today to discuss your individual requirements.


Homerosion EDM Supplies Limited can provide you with all the spare parts and consumables you may require to run your EDM Machines. Thousands of items on the shelf for next day delivery.

Z16 Cutter Mill
£50.00 each.
£30.00 each.
Pinch Roller
£45.00 each.
M/C Contact
£13.50 each.
Wire Guides
£140.00 each
Threading Nozzle
£50.00 each.
Pinch Rollers.
From £70.00 each.
Tim Head Pinch Rollers
From £80.00 each.
Various Filters
From £9.00
Plain & Multi Electrodes
From £0.75 each.
Resin 25l bag

Power Supply
200-970-673 £750.00
Refurbed 2yr warranty
TFT LCD Monitors


Circuit Boards


Why should I Convert Floppy to USB? For so many years the floppy disk and the slow RS232 serial communication was the unique means to transfer data from a computer to system.

These days the floppy discs are phasing out and are very hard to find in computers and are rarely seen in any shops. So in different countries like UK & USA vendors are providing replacements of floppy drives. Now there is no need to worry, as almost everyone has an alternative which will allow you to convert their Floppy Drive to USB on almost any industrial machine or old computer currently working on a floppy drive. The best thing is that there is no need to change or upgrade any software or any wiring circuit to upgrade the old machines to use USB as floppy.

You only need to swap the old floppy drive by replacing it with this new USB dive as a floppy drive. There are no tedious steps involved in it, and no engineering level experience required to use the floppy to USB. After swapping the floppy drive with floppy disk to USB your machine will now be able to run for many more years without any worries of finding old diskettes or the drive becoming faulty due to contamination of dirt. How floppy drive to USB works? The new USB drive gets itself installed on the standard 34 pin or 26 pin Ziff type interface and fools the machines as if it was still connected with a floppy drive. When the machine tries to read or write or try to perform any action of floppy disk drive, it sends a signal to floppy drive to USB which is connected on the FDD channel.

Here the magic of floppy drive to USB starts. It reads the USB pen drive connected and then emulates the data to be processed as a floppy drive thereby treating USB as floppy, thereby transferring the data to the machine/device/equipment in the same way that is used by standard floppy drives. In simple words, your equipment will never come to know that the information it was trying to get actually came from a USB flash drive.

Compatible Machines for USB Emulators



  • HAAS

  • ABB Robotics


  • KUKA Robot

  • ARBURG SELOGICA Moulding machines ENGEL Injection molding machines FERROMATIK Injection molding machines DESMA Rubber injecting machine

  • DESMA D 968.400 ZO

  • BIESSE Rover 322,

  • BIESSE Rover 346 with RT 480 controller BIESSE Rover 20,

  • BRIDGEPORT EZ-Trak 1+1,

  • BRIDGEPORT V2XT running DOS 6.1

  • ESAB Vision 2000 cutter

  • CNC Turret Punch Nisshinbo MTP 1000F

  • TRUMPF V130 Press Brake

  • PLURITREC CNC Controller


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